Pirate Classes

Class flags

"So, Whats your fighting style in a battle?"


Classes are an essential part of the game as they determine your begining stats, what weapons you can wield, and your first companion. Each class has a trainer located on Skull Island who are willing to train any pirate, but charge those that are not of their class

List of ClassesEdit

Musketeers: Musketeers use shooty weapons boosted by their agility. They are able to attack at long rang and plant traps. Buccaneers first companion is Wing Chun and their trainer is Ol' Fish Eye.

Privateers: Privateers fight with slashy weapons boostd by thier strength. They are only class with healing abilities going into battle with the highest health but few attacks. Privateers first companion is Egg Shen and their trainer is The Commodore.

Buccaneers: Buccaneers use Smashy weapons boosted by their strength. They also posses the biggest weaons and the heaviest armor. Buccaneers first companion is Kobe Yojimbo and their trainer is the Mordekai.

Swashbucklers: Swashbucklers fight with stabby weapons boosted by their agility. They deal the highest damage and posses natural speed and agility. Swashbucklers first companion is Subodai and trained by Morgan LaFitte.

Witchdoctors: Witchdoctors practice Hoodoo using staffy and spooky weapons boosted by their will. They posses long range attacks and health drain spells. Witchdoctors first companion is Kampo and are trained by Madame Vadima.